About Me

Straight outta…… New Yawk…

Sassy and edgy Jessica has trained with Steven Rosenfield {notable for “Seinfield", and “Curb Your Enthuisiam”} at the American Comedy Institute of New York. She has also excelled at sketch and improv, including improv training at UCB {Upright Citizen Brigade} and Armando Diaz of Magnet NYC theater. She has also performed at the World Renowed Gotham Comedy Club NYC.

Recent stand up shows in LA include various open mics, including Flappers and Café Ha Ha. As a true New Yorker, Jessica moved to LA and had to learn the language of "Uber" and "gluten free". She is compared to Leah Remini of “Kings and Queens” as well as the late Brittany Murphy. She is noted as an outstanding character/comedic actress.

Jessica excels at rapping and was previously signed with various independent labels; while also executive producing other acts. She has an extraordinary musical ear and is eclectic with her taste in music. Jessica also continuously volunteers in her community with many social groups including human trafficking, domestic violence and foster care.

Her favorite quote is “Everything I’m not, makes me everything I am”. With a love to professionally play dress up and make believe for a living; she takes her feelings and transmutes them through the thesis of thought, claiming that acting is time travel and osmosis. “You jump in and out of time travel & turn your emotions on and off like a light switch."

"..People will forget what you said,...forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelo

"I live to make people feel." -Jessica Valencia

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